01 Men’s Challenge Begins for seeking the possibility of the new technology
ISLE OF MAN This Island is part of the British Isles and a Crown Dependency.
This island is made up of a parliament, Tynwald (Tynwald National Assembly), which takes place under the blue sky, which is also said to be the origin of the world's parliament.
The conference to be held under the blue sky is a clear parliament that the people who are residents of this island and who can participate in politics gather in one square, enact legislation, elect a parliamentarian, etc.
Tynwald is the origin of parliamentary politics and can be said to be the pioneer of democracy.
Through this decision at Tynwald, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race was held for the first time in 1907.
It is held every year except for the influence of World War I (1915-1919), World War II (1940-1946), foot & mouth disease in cattle (2001), and now has a history of 112 years.
TT is spoken in the headlines heading the world's most dangerous race and the world's longest public road race.
Tens of thousands visit TT every year from around the world.
So, I would like to tell the story of 112 years of the history.

01 新たな技術の可能性を求める男達の挑戦が始まる
ISLE OF MAN この島は、GBでもあり、英国王室属国という立場の一国家です。
このTynwaldでの決定によって1907年 に初めてThe Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Raceが開催されました。 第一次世界大戦(1915〜1919)、第二次世界大戦(1940〜1946)、狂牛病(2001)の影響を除いては毎年開催され続け、今や111年の歴史を持っています。世界で最も危険なレース・世界で最も長い公道レースというタイトルで語られるTTには、毎年欧州各国から10数万人が訪れますが、その歴史を知る手がかりとなる111年の物語を綴りたいと思います。


WORLD SOCIALS                           
1906 A world first flight of a helicopter by Maurice Leger (France) succeeded.
1906 24th December - Broadcasting of music and biblical reading radio programs by Reginald Fedessendenen suitable for Christmas Eve started.

In such a year Tynwald (National Assembly) decided to hold the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race.
1907 15th March -The first parliamentary election held in Finland.
It is the first election in the world where female candidates ran and the first election in Europe where ordinary voting rights were applied.
1907 9th August -Robert Baden-Powell, the first Boy Scout camp in Isle of Brown Sea, England
1907 26th September -New Zealand will become the UK dominion.
Works by George Albert Smith‟A tartan of Scottish Clans” (produced in 1906) was screened for the first time as a color movie (Cinema color system).
Following the previous year, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race was held in a time when society and the world moved to new directions with new technologies, consciousness and way of thinking.

1906年12月24日 クリスマス・イヴに相応しいレジナルド・フェデッセンデンによる音楽と聖書の朗読のラジオ番組の放送が開始されました。

そんな年にティンワルド(国民議会)によってThe Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race開催が議決されました。
1907年 3月15日 -フィンランドで最初の議会選挙が開催。
1907年 8月 9日 ロバート・ベーデン=パウエル、イギリスのブラウンシー島で最初のボーイスカウト・キャンプを実施。
1907年 9月26日 ニュージーランドがイギリスの自治領となりました。
1907年 ジョージ・アルバート・スミスの作品‟Tartans of Scottish Clans”(1906年 英製作)が初めてカラー映画(キネマカラー方式)として上映され、前年に引き続き、新たな技術や意識・考え方によって社会が、そして世界が新たな方向へと動き出した時代に、The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Raceは開催されました。

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race which was held for the first time that year was held on a course different from the current TT - COURSE. Two sessions of TWIN CYLINDER CLASS and SINGLE CYLINDER CLASS were held, and after that, as a time trial race competing for 10 laps of a course of 15 miles / 1 lap ≒ 24.1 km which can be called The SHORT-COURSE, a 2-cylinder class only and a class of only a single cylinder, the fire battle of the decisive battle was dropped off in 2 classes.

その年初めて開催されたThe Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Raceは、現在のTT-COURSEとは異なるコースで開催されました。
TWIN CYLINDER CLASSとSINGLE CYLINDER CLASSの2レースが開催され、後に言ってしまえばSHORT-COURSEともいえる1周 15Mile、約24.1kmのコースを10周して競われるタイムトライアルレースとして、2気筒のみのクラスと単気筒のみのクラス、2クラスで決戦の火蓋が切って落とされました。

1907 First Race‐First Winner
Tuesday 28 May 1907 10Laps(158 1/8 Miles)St. John’s Short Course
画像20 It was TWIN CYLINDER CLASS that there was no condition except that it was Twin cylinders.

2気筒である事以外排気量その他条件がないのがTWIN CYLINDER CLASSでした。


Existing makers among the top three companies in the TWIN CYLINDER CLASS are only Peugeot and Norton in the 1st place, and TRIUMPH only in the single cylinder class.

In 1898 Norton was originally established as a bicycle maker.
Norton, the legendary brand, has been reviving like a phoenix many times with the fact that he has enthusiastic fans all over the world while repeating Success and bankruptcy.
From the time of establishment to 1902 it was said that the engine was purchased from outside companies to produce motorcycles.
Looking at the record, in view of the fact that the engine used at the time of winning the 1st Isle of Man Isle TT - Race 2 cylinder class in 1907 is a 726 V type 2 cylinder side valve purchased from Peugeot It may be difficult to limit until 1902.Because it is an old story.
Surely, the company's first Norton engine manufactured since 1908 is a side valve single cylinder.
From the fact that it switched to this engine from 1908, also from the fact that this engine had hardly changed so much until the late 1950s, I think that it became a pure Norton machine after 1908 that it is fairly certain.
Norton is a manufacturer who engraved many glory and legends in Britain's history of MOTORCYCLE, contrary to that fact; it was decided to experience several bankruptcy, merger and dissolution as a company.
It was bought by AMC in 1953 due to the first bankruptcy, but in 1966 AMC went bankrupt.
Then it will be reorganized into Norton Villiers under Manganese Bronze. In 1973, with the intervention of the British government, Norton / Triumph / Birmingham / Small Arms (BSA) three companies merged and Norton Villiers Triumph was founded but went bankrupt in 1977.
At this time, following the liquidation negotiations of Norton Villiers Triumph, trademark rights, manufacturing rights, design rights, etc. of the Norton brand have been divided into UK, Germany, USA, etc.
From this fact real Norton brands are missing, and in the 1980s several resurrection plans progressed.
These efforts bore fruit, Norton will revive again in 1988, but in 1996 it was completely bankrupt.
In 2005 again the right went to the USA and revived as Norton Motorcycle USA Company in Oregon.
It was 2009 that bought back the current Norton to the UK.
After, this set up a factory in Donington Park and start production. And it has reached the present.
There are also rumors that British businessman and president Norton Racing President Stuart Garner (Stuart Garner) plans to market a public road version of a racing machine NRV - 588 / NRV - 700 equipped with a rotary engine.
In 1908, since the start of in-house manufacture of side valve single cylinder engine, Norton developed a single cylinder and continued to manufacture single-cylinder vehicles from CS-1 of single camshaft for many years, in 1950; the name motorcycle MANX It produced a number of titles and brilliant success.
The name MANX means Isle of Man TT specification as its name suggests.
Later Norton, which predicted that the era and markets will proceed to large displacement vehicles, began full-scale transition to a parallel two-cylinder engine in 1952 with a model called Dominator.
After that, it shifts to a revolutionary rotary engine, and it reaches the present after going through the process of two cylinders again.
What kind of glory or legend will you produce in the future? Many motorcycle manias are attracting great expectations and attention.

画像17 Peugeot
Peugeot is now famous worldwide as an automobile manufacturer, but in 1901 Peugeot began manufacturing a tricycle called TYPE 36, with rear seats for 1 person and 2 persons.
The engine that Norton won and won in TT was the Peugeot tricycle engine, and at that time Peugeot had not started producing full-fledged motorcycles yet.
Initially the three-wheeled vehicle was equipped with a new single-cylinder engine, but in 1903 the line-up was reviewed, TYPE 42, 43, 44 were for a 4-cylinder engine, TYPE 50 for a V-type 2 cylinder engine, TYPE 54 and 56 for a single cylinder It was changed to a lineup of engines.
Norton Peugeot, who won the first IT, was a motorcycle with a combination of English and French with a 5-pm (3.7 kw) V-type 2 cylinder engine of Peugeot TYPE 50 in the Norton frame.
Peugeot began to develop motorcycles after that and in 1914 launched a MODEL equipped with a DOHC 500 cc (31 cubic inches) engine called Peugeot 500 M. This MODEL is a parallel twin (parallel two-cylinder) engine.
After that, Peugeot's motorcycle has never played an active part in TT, but in Europe it was loved by the field of commercial use and daily use in particular, and it was widely spread. Currently scooter production is main.

1901年にプジョーは後部座席が1人用と2人用の2種類のTYPE36という三輪車を製 造し始めました。
TTでNortonが搭載して優勝したエンジンは三輪車のエンジンで、この時点でまだプ ジョーは本格的な二輪車の生産を開始していませんでした。
第1回のTTで優勝したNorton Peugeotは、ノートン社の車体にプジョーTYPE50のV型2気筒エンジン5hp(3.7kw)が搭載されての達成でした。


Peugeot race team rider Paul Péan on a 500 M 1913-1914
Engine 495 cc Parallel twin, 4-valve per cylinder gear-driven dual overhead cam
Bore / stroke 62 × 82 mm
Top speed/Power c. 122 km/h (76 mph) / 15 hp (11 kw)
Transmission Primary: chain Final: Belt (probably leather)
Suspension Front: girder fork Rear: rigid
Brakes Pedal-operated drum


It was a manufacturer that existed in Germany once, in 1908 - 1913 he had factory in Lindenthal in Cologne and was producing Allright - Mobil Tiger, Roland, Vindec - Special Bicycle and Motorcycle.
In 1908, the first Allright-Mobil was produced and equipped with an air-cooled V-type two cylinder 500 000 hp (3.7 kw) 200 kg (440 Ib) 35 Km / h (22 mph).
It seems that this engine also added PEUGEOT TYPE 50 and added hands, so it can be said that it was Peugeot's 1-2 finish.
Tom Woodman won the 22 h 38 m winning Motor Cycling Club's London ~ Edinburgh 391-Milles in the race in less than 24 hours, winning 2nd place in TT 2nd place W.H. 'Billy' Wells won the 2nd place it continued.

かつてドイツに存在した自動車メーカーで、1908年〜1913年にケルンのリンデンタールにファクトリーを構え、Allright−Mobil Tiger、Roland、Vindec-Special Bicycle and Motorcycleを生産していました。1908年に 最初のAllright−Mobilが製作され空冷V型2気筒500cc 5hp(3.7kw) 200kg(440Ib)35Km /h(22mph)
このエンジンもPEUGEOT TYPE50を流用して手を加えたものらしいので、プジョーの1-2フィニシュであったともいえるのですね。
1906年に開催されたMotor Cycling Club’s のロンドン〜エジンバラ 391−Millesを24時間以内に走るレースで、22h38mでTom Woodman が優勝し、2位にはTTでも2位に入賞したW.H.‘Billy’Wellsが続きました。

画像12画像13 Rex of Coventry

1906-07 Rex
Rex, Rex Motorcycles,
Rex-Acme, was a
motorcycle company
which began
in Birmingham

1907 First Race‐First Record
Tuesday 28 May 1907 10Laps(158 1/8 Miles)St. John’s Short Course

The statement "31/2 hp" was the output display of the motor and was standard at that time.
31 / 2hp 533 cc 31/2 hp 566 cc 31/2 hp 496 cc 4 hp 648 cc 31/2 hp 658 cc As motorcycles were circulating on the market, it seems that it was classified as one class with the condition of 31/2 hp upper limit single cylinder.

31/2hpという記載はモーターの出力表示で当時は標準的なものでした。31/2hp 533 cc 31/2hp 566cc 31/2hp 496cc 4hp 648cc 31/2hp 658ccといったオートバイが市場で流通していたので、 31/2hp上限 の単気筒という条件を定めて1クラスとしたようです。


MATCHLESS is one of the oldest motorcycle makers in the UK and started from installing engines on bicycle frames as well as other companies.  It is said that Henry Herbert Collier and his two sons, Charlie and Harry, founded MATCHLESS.
Those who have noticed something already by looking at RESULT are not ordinary people.
As a motorcycle maker, MATCHLESS was present in Plumstead, a suburb of London, between 1899 and 1966.
In 1905, it adopted the first swing arm type rear suspension and the leading link front fork, and manufactured a motorcycle equipped with a JAP V type 2 cylinder engine in 1905 was doing. This V-type twin-cylinder motorbike was built in 1899, and it is said that production began in 1901.
Although the initial Production was the mainstay of a single cylinder engine, it was in a state where cannot get the power as you want.
Therefore, we continued to develop a single cylinder engine while producing a small quantity of model of V type Twin cylinder engines.
This is the MATCHLESS that fulfilled a spectacular victory in the first Isle Of Man TT Race single cylinder class in 1907, but this single cylinder model is a perfect prototype, the steady development so far has won the victory by the riding of his son Charlie Collier.
This is the moment called dramatic.
However, without compromising on the victory, development was repeated through the race afterwards and it was released as a 4PKmodel in 1914. Until 1912 they had engines from other manufacturers, but they started to refine a single cylinder engine in earnest, including the possibility of making their own engines since 1912 is. In the first TT participated with two brothers Charlie and Harry together. But, Harry is retired. However, Harry won the championship in 1909; Charlie again won the second victory in 1910, so the attention degree of MATCHLESS increased dramatically. With the activities of these sons, 4PK released in 1914 became a big hit item.
It seems that this big hit pushed MATCHLESS to the immovable position.
After that, from the 2-stroke small model to the 4-stroke 4-cylinder, the Machines brand motorcycle was produced with a wide range of engine lineup. At the beginning I saw RESULT and I already mentioned that people who have noticed something already are not ordinary people because the direct descendants of the family who launched the manufacturer won the TT was Charlie and Harry's Collier brothers are the first and last.

マチレスは英国で最も古いオートバイメーカーのひとつで、他社同様に自転車フレー ムにエンジンを搭載することからスタートしました。マチレス社を創業したのはHenry Herbert Collinerと二人の息子CharlieとHarryであるとされています。RESULTを見て、すでに何か気づいた方は並大抵の人ではありません。
オートバイメーカーとしてのマチレス社は1899年から1966年までの間、ロンドン郊外 のプラムステッドに存在していました。
長い歴史の中でモータースポーツにおいても成功を収めており、1905年には最初期のスイングアーム式リアサスペンションとリーディングリンク式フロントフォークを採用し、JAP製V型2気筒エンジンを搭載したバイクを製造していました。このV型2気筒のオートバイは1899年に造られ、1901年から生産が始ったと伝えられています。初期のマチレスは単気筒エンジンが主力でしたが、思うようにパワーを出せない事もあり、V型2気筒エンジンのモデルを少量生産しながら単気筒エンジンの開発を続けていました。この年1907年の第一回マン島TTレース単気筒クラスで見事優勝を果たしたマチレスですが、この単気筒モデルは完全なプロトタイプで、これまでの地道な開発が実り息子 Charlie Collierのライディングによって勝利を飾ったのです。これぞドラマチックという展開です。
しかし、その勝利におごらず、その後もレースを通じて開発が重ねられ1914年に4PKというモデルとして発売されま した。1912年までは他社製のエンジンを搭載していましたが、1912年以降自社製のエンジン製造が可能となった ことも含めて、本格的に単気筒エンジンに磨きをかけていったのです。


Although it is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturing and selling company, its company name and management company have undergone many changes.
For these reasons, the oldest existing motorcycle brand will be more accurate. Current TRIUMPH was revived by businessman John Bloor in 1984. At the time of the first year of TT, it was a short time after company name change from Triumph Cycle Co. Ltd. (launched by Siegfried Bettmann) to Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd. (1906)

最古のオートバイ製造販売会社のひとつですが、その社名や経営母体は幾 度もの変遷を経ています。現存する最古のオートバイブランドといった方がより正確でしょう。現在のTRIUMPHは1984年に実業家John Bloor(ジョン・ブ ルーア)によって再興された企業です。
TT初年度当時は、Siegfried Bettmann(ジークフリード・ベットマン)によって立ち上げられたTriumph Cycle Co.Ltd から1906年に社名変更したTriumph Engineering Co.Ltdが始動間もない時期でした。


From that time it was becoming a popular manufacturer due to its high reliability.
Missed the championship in the first TT, but TRIUMPH was second and third place. A durable and highly reliable engine did not have the speed which was outstanding, but because it demonstrates a stable speed with TOTAL laps, even in the later TT It was very popular.  TRIUMPH was given the honor called Reliability TRIUMPH from many RIDERS.  It is TRIUMPH that we have been loved by the race world for a long time as a machine to earn points by private racing riders in races and continued to play an active part in responding to that expectation.

耐久性のある丈夫なエンジンはずば抜けた速さを持ち合わせていませんでしたが、TOATAL周回数で安定した速 さを発揮するので、その後のTTにおいてもは大人気だったのです。信頼性のTRIUMPHという栄誉を多くのRIDERから与えられ、プライベーターにポイントを稼がせてくれるマシンとして長くレース界で愛され、その期待に応える活躍をし続けたのがTRIUMPHだといえます。

TT took place in a time trial system which closed the public road from the first year and START from St John's.
St John's is the place where Tynwald (the parliament of the Isle of Man) is held, and it can be said that it is the most suitable place as the starting point of TT where it was decided by Tynwald.

TTは初年度から公道を閉鎖したタイムトライアル方式で行われ、St John'sからSTARTしました。
St John‘sは、マン島議会であるTynwald(ティンワルド)が開催された場所で、Tynwaldによって開催が決定されたTT初年度のSTART地点に最も相応しい場所だったからです。


START the St John's and head toward Ballacraine. After that, the circulation course that turned around Peel from Kirkmichael and returned to St John's became the first TT - CORSE.
The road used for this course is a combination of Peel road from A1 Douglas, A3 Castletown to Ramsey Road, A4 Peel and Coast Road. Of Kirkmichael, and the highest altitude is A3 Ramsey Road's St It was 780 ft. (23774.4 cm) above sea level of John's Chapel on the Cronk-y-Voddy.
It is the world's most dangerous race, the longest course in the world, the famous mountain course, the Isle of Man TT, but in the first TT of 1907, the engine with the assist pedal was assisted by the rider's leg power, the race was done.

The course length is 15 miles per lap.
The riders challenged the race about 10 weeks about 24.1 Km.

St John'sをSTARTし、Ballacraineへ。 Kirk MichaelからPeelを回ってSt John'sに戻る周回コースが最初のTT-COURSEとなったのです。 この道路は、A1 road(Douglas からPeel)、A3 road(CastletownからRamsey)、そしてA4 road(PeelからKirk Michael Coast Road)を組み合わせて周回コースとし、標高がもっとも高い地点は、CastletownからRamseyへ のA3 road上にある St John‘s のChapelon the Cronk-y-Voddyという場所で、海抜780ft(約238m)でした。


画像23 Meiji 40 years this year, in Japan
6th March The Tamagawa Electric Railway opens the Tamagawa Line on Dogenzakaa - Sangenjaya and opens up to Tamagawa in August.
1st April Kotobukiya(Suntory) launches Akadama Port Wine (Akadama Sweet Wine)
22nd JUN Tohoku Imperial University founded
1st September The department store's first art department "New art department" is created in the Mitsukoshi Osaka store.
11st September Electrical school (predecessor of Tokyo Denki University) founded
24th October Kyoto High School Commercial School established as Toyo Association College (now Takushoku University) KYOJYO branch

[Vogue Song] DecanShow Bushi

明治40年 この年、日本では
3月6日 玉川電気鉄道が道玄坂上〜三軒茶屋に玉川線を開業、8月に玉川まで開通。
4月1日 寿屋(サントリー)が赤玉ポートワイン(赤玉スイートワイン)を発売
6月22日 東北帝国大学創立
9月1日 三越大阪店に百貨店初の美術部「新美術部」が創設される。
9月11日 電機学校(東京電機大学の前身)創立
10月24日 京城高等商業学校が東洋協会専門学校(現拓殖大学)京城分校として創立

[流行歌] デカンショ節

Taste 110 years ago 110年前の味わい(アルコール度数6.1%、アロマ:マンゴー、パイナップルのようなトロピカルフルール、色:深いゴールド、スムースでフルーティな口当たり、ドライホップにつづく軽い甘味)

1907年TTレースの開催に合わせて製造した1907 OKELLSは、TTレースの観客を中心に多くの人々に飲まれ、評価されたことにより、1907年のベストbreweryに選ばれたそうです。

Dr. William Okellが、1850年にダグラスでOkell's Breweryを始めたのが、OKELLSの成り立ちです。1874年までにDr. Okellは、島内にいくつものPubを所有し、マン島において純度の高いビール醸造を推進する運動を創設するよう、マン島議会であるティンワルドに働きかけました。(後に、Isle of Man Pure Beer Actとなる) その後、ダグラスのはずれにThe Falcon Steam Breweryを設立し、その建物は今もなおSheridan Apartmentsとして残っています。
1972年にOKELLSは、地元の飲料会社であるHeron & Brearley(=H&B)に買収され、 1986年にCastletown Breweryと合併し、H&BはThe Isle of Man Breweriesとなりました。